American Singer Canary – Sensational Songs From This All-American Bird

The American Singer canary is prized as one of the finest singing canaries you can own. They have been specially bred to enhance their ability to sing. If you want to fill your home with a variety of beautiful sounds, this is the canary to choose.

The American Singer canary is considered to be the canary with the widest range of notes, and the easiest to teach new songs. Their desire to learn song is bred so strongly they begin learning songs almost immediately upon hatching. The drive is so intensely bred into the Singer even young hens may sing, which is very rare in the canary world.

Your American Singer canary learns new songs by hearing other canaries sing. This is especially true for a new chick. Since the father may not be singing if he is still with the female, you will need to be prepared to supply them with the songs you wish them to learn. You have two easy methods to take care of the situation. The first is to have another male which is not currently caged with a female. Put the bird in the vicinity of the young chicks, and soon they will begin to learn his songs. Make sure the male is a high quality singer, or your chicks will learn to sing songs you would prefer not to hear.

The second method is to provide the chicks with a recording of other American Singers. Make sure you choose the highest quality recording possible, with the highest quality songs you would like your chicks to learn. This method is effective for about 4 to 6 weeks. After this time you must have a singing male nearby to continue their education.

One big warning on American Singers. Do not put them around birds you do not want them to imitate. This includes other Singers or any other canaries with low quality songs. Your American Singer canary will just as easily learn bad sounds as good sounds.

If you are not planning to show the bird, then you can have even more fun. Your canary can begin to learn tunes you repetitively whistle around them. You can have them learning the opening songs to movies, TV shows, and other fun songs.

You would believe by the emphasis being placed on singing, this canary may have no other great values. This would be far from the truth. They are a beautiful bird, decorated in bright yellow feathers, often highlighted with other colors such as black or white. They are a lively fun bird to have in your home. You will discover them joyfully singing, flying, and proudly displaying their beauty to you.

Other than being careful about what your American Singer canary hears, you care for them in an identical fashion to any other canary. The advantage to having the Singers is in the beautiful music which will bless your home. The American singer is unmatched for quality of song by any other bird in the canary family.