Canary Breeders – The Unusual Variety In Breeding Canaries

It sounds so simple, breeding canaries. Before you jump to the conclusion it will be easy to just jump into becoming one of the canary breeders you need to look a little deeper.

The starting point to all challenges for canary breeders starts with discovering which birds are male and female. If someone tries to tell you they can tell simply by looking they are full of hot air. A male and female canary look identical. The only items which will help you separate your birds is watching which ones lay eggs, and which ones sing. The males are the prolific singers, which is the trait most breeders use to help determine sex.

You are going to need to make a decision very early, too. What kind of canaries do you intend to breed? Are you wanting to raise show birds, color bred canaries, song bred canaries, or just common canaries? Yes, there are many different ways to breed canaries all with their own challenges.

If you choose to start breeding show birds you are going to enter the wild and wonderful world of seeking perfection. As an example, a breeder of Yorkshire Canaries is required to aim for the perfect colors, length of feathers, the proper stance, and even the proper size. Think about the challenges of breeding birds attempting to hit 6.75 inches all the time.

To hit this level of perfection canary breeders must become meticulous about culling out birds. If a bird does not meet the standards it is removed from the breeding stock. If the infants of a bird do not meet the standards, then the breeder must be removed from the breeding stock. Many times it takes years to establish good breeding stock, and then to keep tweaking the mix to keep your lineage going.

Color bred canaries present interesting challenges for canary breeders, too. Instead of trying to meet show standards they are seeking to hit beautiful color standards and mixes. Their birds demand higher prices in pet stores because the colors are unique and stand out from the crowd.

Canaries bred for singing are equally challenging. These canary breeders choose the birds with the most beautiful voices and greatest range of songs and then breed them to keep enhancing the singing capability. They remove birds from their breeding stock who are not excellent singers. This is another trait which increases the value of their birds.

Even if you choose to breed common canaries, you still face the fun of setting up the cages, caring for the eggs, making sure to provide the right mix of foods to ensure the healthiest offspring. Canary breeders can have a lot of fun, but they work diligently to make sure they care for their birds and work to produce the highest quality for their customers. Their knowledge of their birds, their traits, and their lineage is often exhaustive. They know by being highly informed they can produce extraordinary birds. Are you ready to begin the adventure in breeding canaries?

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