Canary Cages – Interesting Variety and Requirements for Your Canary

Do you believe all canary cages are created equal? If they can keep the bird caged inside they are adequate? It might be true for you, but for your canary it makes a big difference on what type of cage you select.

When you watch television you often see birds in round cages. The cages are decorative, and look like the perfect idea for displaying your bird. It is not the perfect idea to your canary. They are not wanting to fly around in circles. They prefer a rectangular or square cage and will thrive in them.

You often find small cages in pet stores and pet supply centers. These cages look great for keeping everything out of the way. They present a big problem for your canary. Canary cages should be large. A good starting size is a 16 inch square of larger, for one bird. They need plenty of room to fly around the cage. Canaries are not well suited for free flight around your home, so all of their exercise occurs within the cage.

Another mistake many new canary owners make is buying a cage with only one perch. Your canary needs multiple perches of different sizes inside their cage. This allows them to hop from location to location and to vary the grip size of their feet. This leads to healthier feet, and a happier bird.

If you are considering having both a male and female canary you may wish to consider a split cage. These large over-sized cages can have a divider in the center. This allows you to give each bird a separate area to keep them happy. When it approaches time for breeding you remove the divider allowing the two to start interacting. This type of cage is ideal if you have plenty of room for large cage. If not, consider having two normal sized cages you can move close together before breeding season begins.

Other items you must take into consideration as you are buying canary cages should include ease of cleaning, ease of access to add food, and accessories. Make sure your cage has a removable tray to take out for cleaning on a regular basis. Your bird will produce plenty of waste, and a removable tray makes cleanup very easy. Your main accessories for a canary include the water bottle, added perches, and proper food bowls. Make sure to have at least two food trays. One for their bird seed, and one for fresh green vegetables. You need to add a cuttlebone to the cage, too. One final accessory which is not in the cage full-time is the bird bath. Your canary desires frequent bathing, as often as daily in the warm summer months.

You selection of canary cages is one of the most important items in having a happy singing canary. If they have a clean, large, safe place to live, they will sing with joy. If they are cramped, and their cage is dirty, they will sulk and be silent. Choose the largest cage you can for your planned area and you will be well on the way to having a very happy canary.