Canary Food – It Is Not Just The Seed You Need To Worry About

Are you just starting out with your first canary? You bought a nice cage, you have the water bottle, you bought a box of bird seed. You are ready to bring the bird home, right? Not even close, you are just getting started with the proper canary food for your bird.

Did the person in the pet supply shop tell you the bird seed contained everything your canary would need? While many types of canary food contain a mixture of ingredients it still is not everything you will need for your new canary.

Take a look at the back of the box for the ingredient list. Is there a wide variety of seeds or just one? Your canary food should include many types of seeds including rape seed, canary grass seed, niger seed, and may include many other kinds. A high level of variety is healthy for your canary, providing them a wider nutritional profile, and a more interesting diet.

While looking at the box of canary food look to see what else is included. Some products include dried eggs, wheat, corn, and other items. Larger grains will need to have been ground to make them small enough for your bird to consume.

Even though some varieties of food include dried green vegetables and fruit, make sure to provide your canary with fresh foods everyday, too. The fresh greens, like lettuce, provide them with added moisture and fiber to help their digestive systems to keep working properly. Leaving out the fresh foods will end up giving your bird constipation and unwanted problems.

One other item to add to your list of canary food is the cuttlebone. Your canary needs the cuttlebone to keep their beak in top condition, for the added calcium, iron, and other trace minerals.

You will discover some canary food mixtures include added oils. Some owners and breeders feel the added oils are healthy for their birds, others feel the birds are getting plenty of natural oils from the seeds they have in their diet.

While technically not food, water is one of the most critical elements in your canary’s diet. You must remove the bottle and give you canary completely fresh water daily. The quality of the canary food and water plays an immense role in the health of your bird. If you do not give them high quality food, and plenty of fresh water, they will suffer and become ill.

The best news about canary food is the price. Canary food is very inexpensive, and buying a variety is a good idea. While one food may be lacking in one area, another food may cover those needs. Vary your birds diet occasionally just as they would in the wild. Not every day would be filled with the same menu as the seasons go by.

Once you have taken care of getting these few other items on hand, and making sure your canary food is complete, then you are ready to bring home a canary. You will be prepared to care for them, and enjoy all the great benefits of becoming a canary owner.

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