Canary Seed – Does The Canary Seed Really Make A Difference?

How would you like your canary to act? Are you wanting a happy energetic, singing canary? Canary seed can make the difference between having a bird you enjoy watching and hearing, to one who sits in their cage sulking all day.

You do not believe their food can make so much difference? Then try this, for the next week eat only oatmeal. See what your mood is like at the end of one week. You can eat plenty of oatmeal to have adequate calories, but your nutritional mix is weak, and so is your enjoyment of your food. Variety makes a major difference in our happiness and health, just like it does for your canary.

What should you look for in your choice of canary seed? One of the biggest factors is to make sure it includes a wide variety of seeds. You may discover your canary is a picky eater and eats high amounts of a few kinds of seeds and ignores others at first. Then if you watch carefully, they often switch which seeds they are eating, and ignore others. They are listening to their own body’s demands, and their desire for variety and eating appropriately.

What are some of the seeds which should be in your canary food? Look for rape seed, niger seed, canary grass seed, flax seed, oat groats, sesame seeds, caraway seeds, anise seeds and others.

Often canary seed does not only contain seeds. Some varieties carry small pieces of fruit, eggs mixtures, soybean meal, and other additives to increase the nutritional level. Your bird may like all these added items or may choose to ignore them.

One item you must consistently add to your canary’s diet is fresh greens. Add another feeding tray to hold lettuce, cucumber, or other vegetable greens for your canary to eat. This helps to balance their diet and keeps them from becoming constipated. Seed formulations which claim to have vegetable greens included do not count. Those are dried ingredients, not fresh.

The only way you are going to discover the perfect canary food for your bird is to do a bit of experimentation. Do not limit yourself to trying one variety and sticking with it forever. Vary your purchases occasionally to increase the variety. Make sure to check the listed ingredients to verify you are really making a change and not just changing brand names. You will quickly learn what your canary truly loves, and what they tend to ignore. You can then buy mixtures to meet their desires instead of cleaning up all the extra discarded seeds constantly.

By taking the time to learn your canary’s needs and choosing the proper canary seed you will be given great rewards. Your home will be filled with the music of a happy, content singing canary. Let you canary be your guide to getting the best value in seed, do not just look at the fancy labels and prices.

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