Cat Dry Skin – Give Your Cat Healthy Skin Again

When you start seeing your cat having dry, flaky, and itchy skin you need to take action to help. Cat dry skin is not a normal condition for your cat. It can be caused by allergies, and other skin irritants. You will need to do a little sleuthing and thinking to determine the cause and treatment for your cat.

One of the first things to stop and think about is any changes to your cat’s diet. Have you changed cat foods, snacks, or has your cat been out hunting? If you did change cat food then compare the ingredients to your old food. If you discover the new food contains additional grain products, meat byproducts, or other new ingredients. This could indicate the new ingredients are causing an allergic reaction. You can try switching back to the old food, or consider a sensitive skin cat food variety.

Do not only think about the foods you are using, but consider shampoos, flea treatments, and other products you use for your cat. Any of these items could be causing a change in your cat’s skin. Do not use shampoos and conditioners created for humans, make sure to select products made specially for cats. Adding a conditioner or moisturizer when you bathe your cat may help their skin.

One of the leading supplements to help with cat dry skin is omega oil. It is not only great for improving the condition of our skin, but great for your cat’s skin, too. You can add the Omega oil to their food, and normally they will eat it without ever noticing the added ingredient.

Another supplement you should consider is vitamin E. This vitamin is one of the universal aids to healthy skin. Do not give your cat vitamin E from your supply. Make sure to get the proper vitamin E formulation for cats, and make sure you know the proper dosage for their small bodies. Overdosing your cat with Vitamin E by using human doses or formulations could have very negative consequences.

Any skin irritant can lead to cat dry skin, including fleas. Check your cat and their favorite sleeping spots for fleas. If you find fleas get a good flea treatment, and make sure to follow the directions. Ask your veterinarian’s office for recommendations on flea treatment. Make sure to clean any blankets, pillows, or other items in their regular sleeping areas to make sure they are flea free. The bites and irritation fleas inflict may be the root cause to the dry skin.

If these few suggestions do not help you reverse the cat dry skin your pet is suffering from, then it is time for a visit to the vet. He will want to do a thorough check on their skin, checking for parasites, dander, and asking you many questions about your pets food, care products, and environment at home. By taking just a little effort you will soon have the problem corrected and your cat will have the healthy looking skin and fur you love.