Cat Food Allergies – Stop The Itching By Feeding Your Cat Properly

Did you know that over 50% of cat itching problems are caused by cat food allergies? Most of us assume it would be fleas, or other environmental problems. If your cat is having an itching problem you need to know what are the common foods which cats are allergic to, and correct their diet to stop the itching.

The most common food ingredients which cause cat food allergies are beef, lamb, seafood, wheat gluten, corn, soy, and dairy products. Do you see the big problem? Since those are also the most common ingredients in cat foods, it will take a little detective work, and some testing to determine which ingredients are causing your cat’s reactions.

You will probably want to work in combination with your veterinarian. They will recommend you switch your cat to a unique formulation of cat food to limit the number of ingredients. You will be feeding your cat this one type of food for about 12 weeks, to allow their body time to adjust. If the symptoms clear up, then your vet will have you test your cat on their original diet again. If the problem restarts, then you have helped to determine the possible culprit.

The biggest challenge to this type of testing will be your sticking to it. You must only feed the agreed upon food, and not give your cat any other treats, foods, or drinks other than water. You must limit their diet strictly for this method of diagnosis to work. If the symptoms are not improving while trying the new food, then your veterinarian will recommend another variety of food, which changes up the protein mix again. Finding the cause of cat food allergies can be a lengthy process. There is not another effective means of determining which foods your cat is intolerant to. You will need to keep up your efforts until you find the culprit.

Once you have determined the likely cause of your cat’s allergies, then you can start expanding their diet. You will just need to learn to read labels very carefully and avoid all contact with the ingredients which cause the cat food allergies to attack your pet. Hopefully your pet will have a common allergy source, and you will be able to buy commercial cat food varieties created to eliminate allergic reactions. Many of the major cat food brands have formulated blends which remove wheat, soy, corn, and limit the types of proteins. Some of the specialty brands have even come up with blends like Trout and Sweet Potato, Duck and Potato, and other interesting mixes which are designed to give you unique mixtures your cat will enjoy, while removing the common allergens.

In some cases cat owners have needed to start making their own cat foods at home. Sometimes this is due to cost, other times because there is not an easily available commercial mixture which eliminates the ingredients causing cat food allergies for their pet. This method obviously takes more of your personal time, but if you love your cat, it is a great investment in their comfort. By determining the causes of your cat’s allergies, you can make a plan to give them a happier, itch free life.