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Soft Paws For Cats – Do Not Declaw, Accessorize Your Cat to Protect Your Furniture

With Soft Paws for Cats you can stop worrying about declawing your cat. Many cat owners want to protect themselves, children, and guests from being scratched by their cats. They want to protect their furniture from being shredded to pieces from their cats sharpening their claws.

When you declaw your cat you are removing an important part if their personality, and their primary defense system. Having your cat declawed can be very expensive, too. There is a better alternative, which is safe, lower cost, and fun.

Instead of having a cat with no claws, you can have a cat with beautifully decorated feet. Soft Paws for Cats are small covers for your cat’s claws which are securely adhered to each of their claws. The soft covering prevents your cat from damaging your furniture or scratching you. The fun part of Soft Paws is the colors. You can give your cat the appearance of having been to a fine manicurist. You can have all their claws decorated in identical colors, or you can be very unique and have each toe in a separate color.

Most cats have no problems with their owners gently examining their feet and claws. You will need to hold your cats feet and put a cover on each claw. You are going to be using the included adhesive to make sure the Soft Paws covers stay on the claws. If your cat is not calm enough for you to hold in this manner, and put the covers on the claws, you many need to seek professional assistance.

Many pet groomers and veterinarian’s offices work with pet owners on applying Soft Paws for Cats. They consider it to be a very safe and effective alternative to declawing cats. In most ways it is preferable. Soft Paws are not permanent. If you later decide your cat is not a good candidate for living indoors, the Soft Paws can be removed and your cat is ready for climbing and defending themselves in the great outdoors. Once a cat is declawed they can not be released outside. They are not able to defend themselves, or seek the protection of a tree.

What will your cat think of wearing Soft Paws? Most cats do not even notice they are there. They go about business as normal, and try to do all their normal activities. They will still try to scratch the furniture, but with the soft protective covers they cannot cause damage. With the low cost investment for buying Soft Paws for Cats you avoid the cost of declawing, and you save your investment in furniture. Just saving the cost of recovering one piece of furniture will more than pay for the Soft Paws. The lack of scratches on your hands and arms will pay for the cost in greater enjoyment of your cat. You will be willing to play with your cat, knowing it cannot inflict a painful scratch.

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