Cleaning Cat Urine – How To Eliminate One of The Biggest Problems For Cat Owners

Even the best cat will have an accident occasionally. They get overly excited, or they are simply angry with you for deserting them once again. You come home and there in the carpet, on the couch, or even in your bed you find a big yellow stain. If you own cats it is critical to know about cleaning cat urine properly and preserving your household furnishings.

The are really two directions to go with cleaning cut urine. The first way is to head to a pet supply store, or even your local supermarket. Check in the pet supplies area and you will find cleaners made for getting cat urine out of your carpet or other furniture. You can check in the carpet and upholstery cleaning areas, too. Often the top cleaning manufacturers create solutions for pet urine and add them to their selection of products.

Many of these same supermarkets have steam cleaners for rent. Go to their display and check the cleaners they offer. Most of these companies will have small bottles of pet urine cleaners to be used with their cleaning equipment. If you need a really deep cleaning you may want to rent the steam cleaner and buy the special solution. While we discuss steam cleaners, for pet owners buying a home quality steam cleaner is a great choice. They are inexpensive and will save you money over the years, compared to renting cleaners. Check in the section selling the steam cleaners and see if they carry pet urine solutions for your brand.

The second direction you can go is to create your own solution for cleaning cut urine. There are some great recipes you can grab and mix up using ingredients you may have in your kitchen cabinets. These solutions can be very effective at removing the cat urine and the offensive odor. The problem comes when the urine has soaked deeply into the carpet or furniture and started to dry. Sometimes these solutions are not as effective in the deep cleaning as a steam cleaner.

The real key to all of this? You should work with your cat to eliminate as many accidents as possible. If this is a persistent problem consider using cat netting to isolate you cat while you are gone. Your cat does not enjoy living around their own urine any more than you. By keeping them in smaller confines they will use the litter box instead of making a mess of their surroundings. The best method is always avoidance.

When avoidance has failed, then the best option is to have multiple options for cleaning cat urine. Keep a homemade solution ready for those times when you can catch the cat urine quickly. It will save you money. In the cases where it has extra time to soak in and start drying keep a small steam cleaner in your home and use a good commercial cat urine cleaner to deeply clean and remove the scents. If you do not get the scents completely removed your cat will start believing this is the spot to return to time after time. This is one battle you can win with just a little persistence, and a little training.