Custom Dog Houses – The Special Home For Your Unique Pet

Does your dog have personality and a unique attitude? You should be looking at plans for custom dog houses to match their personality and style. When your pet is special, their refuge should be special, too.

Custom dog houses can start off with matching the size of the dog house to your pet. If you have an extremely small dog, or a very large dog, they will feel safer and more comfortable in a dog house which fits their size closely. If your dog is an outdoor dog it is even more important. The primary heat for your pet comes from their body heating the interior of the dog house.

Speaking of heat, this is another place a custom dog house can be very special. You can add a heating light, or other heating element to the dog house. This assures even on the most bitter cold days in the depth of winter your dog is warm and comfortable. You will not have the fears many pet owners have of finding their dog frozen the next morning. A carpeted floor is a great way to increase the warming capability of the dog house, you just need to make sure the dog house is water tight first.

The opposite can be true in the summer months. While is it very uncommon to air condition even custom dog houses, just the addition of adding a fan to vent away the heat, and to circulate air can help your pet maintain their body temperature. While you are planning for the cooling of the dog house, make sure to consider how you would like to add a good method to provide consistent water for your pet during the hot summer months. You may choose to mount a watering unit on the side of the dog house, instead of requiring another structure.

Many pet owners build custom dog houses with unique looks. You can build a miniature version of your own home, or at least using the same siding and highlights. You can build a fancy dog house and paint pictures of cartoon dogs on the sides to give your yard a touch of doggy humor. Maybe your dog is totally out of this world, and you will choose to build a custom dog house like Astro for the Jetson’s cartoon. Getting a little outlandish with your ideas can be fun for yourself and your children.

One of the factors to consider when building custom dog houses is creating an easy way for you to open the dog house for cleaning. Why should you build a dog house, and then still be stuck trying to clean it out through a tiny door in the front? Adding an extra large hinged door to give you easy access will simplify the process. The most important item? Make sure your designs are going to give your dog a comfortable place to live and enjoy. Everything else is just extras.