Diabetic Cat Food – Feeding Your Diabetic Cat After A Diagnosis of Diabetes

Diabetes is not a disease we expect to hear proclaimed for our pets. Sadly, they suffer from many of the same diseases we do, and diabetes is one of them. Once you have heard the diagnosis you must make changes to your cat’s diet and start feeding the diabetic cat food to help preserve their health.

In many ways you and your cat are lucky to be alive today. Not too many years ago you would have no choice except to make your own cat food once the diagnosis was handed down. None of the major pet food manufacturers were creating blends designed for a diabetic cat. Today you can pick from a variety of food manufacturers to get the proper nutrition for your feline, or you can still choose to make the food yourself.

One thing you may discover as you start seeking out diabetic cat food is many of the formulations are available only as a prescription food through your veterinarian. We all know this means one thing, a little higher cost to feed our cat. There is a benefit behind this added cost, though. You will have higher quality food than you can purchase in any grocery or pet store. These blends are made to the highest standards possible. They are being created with your veterinarians demands in mind, not the desires of an average pet owner. The second advantage, you are not going to be wasting all of your time in the kitchen cutting, cooking, and grinding food for your cat. How much is your time worth to you?

Just because you have started feeding your cat a formulation designed for a diabetic cat does not mean anything is cured, or your responsibility diminished. With this diagnosis you are taking on a much higher level of care for your cat. You veterinarian may be asking you to do occasional blood glucose checks on your pet. This is not an easy task. You may need to draw blood or collect urine samples. Neither of these are going to excite your cat. Make sure you ask your vet for the best ways to accomplish the task. Listen closely to all of their suggestions. They handle cats and dogs of all temperaments everyday, and know the best ways to keep from getting scratch, bitten, or upsetting your pet.

If you and your cat their condition is a very mild form of diabetes and will respond to just the simple change in diet. If just changing to diabetic cat food solves your problems you can feel very blessed. You may spend a little more on feeding your cat, but at least you are not needing additional medications, excessive trips to the veterinary clinic, and still watching your cat deteriorate.

Cat diabetes is a severe disease and carries with it many of the same threats seen in humans. It can cause circulatory problems, blindness, organ failure, and a myriad of other conditions. When your cat’s doctor recommends a diabetic cat food take their advice with complete seriousness and change your cat’s diet immediately. In the long run you will save money, have less stress, and your cat will remain healthier.