Dog Food Comparison – Expensive Dog Food Is Not Always Better

Do you know what to look for in your dog food? Were you under the impression all dog food was just about the same, except for the differences in the pretty packaging and the crazy differences in prices? By doing a dog food comparison you will discover some very large differences in how the foods are made.

One of the first things you must watch for when doing a dog food comparison is how much of the mixture is good quality food and how much is fillers like corn. To give you a good idea, let us take a look at a few popular brands and see how their ingredients compare:

A very popular, and often considered higher end, dog food is Eukanuba Adult dog food. The first item listed is chicken, which is great for dogs, but then we take an immediate slide into mediocrity. The next three ingredients are chicken byproducts meal, corn meal, and ground whole grain sorghum. The worst of the ingredients is corn meal, which is very hard for your dog to digest.

Purina Dog Chow is one of the best known brands of dog food on the market. Everyone has heard of it with their prolific advertising campaigns. The shocking thing is when you examine their ingredient list. The first item on the list is ground yellow corn. The next three ingredients are equally curious, poultry by-product meal, corn gluten meal, and soybean meal. The biggest problem with the chicken by-product meal is it does not indicate the amount of ground bone included. Ground bone is a useless filler for your dog.

A less known brand can show you the vast difference found in ingredients. Bil-Jac Select’s first ingredient is fresh chicken by-products organ meat only. This is high quality protein and nutrition for your dog. The next three ingredients are fresh chicken, corn, and chicken by-product meal. As you notice corn comes in number three putting it in a much lower concentration than the other foods.

To continue the comparison of why lesser known high-quality brands are beginning to make an impact, here are the ingredients for Flint River Ranch. The first item is chicken meal. This is followed up with whole wheat flour, ground rice, and lamb meal. Do you notice what is missing in this dog food? It is corn. This is an easily digestible, high quality food.

When you are doing a dog food comparison you must stop looking at the price and the advertising. You need to flip the bag around and check the ingredients. When you see the main ingredients are corn, you know it is not as high of quality as possible. Never settle for a food where corn is the number one ingredient.

Your dog food comparison should include checking how much protein your dog will receive, while reducing the amount of corn. Your dog will enjoy the food, and will have less digestive trouble. It is worth the small cost difference to buy quality.