Dog House Designs – Do You Want Functional or Fabulous?

Are you considering building your own dog house? Before you get started and choose your dog house designs you need to make a choice. Do you want a simple functional dog house? Are you looking for plans for a fabulously fantastic, but still functional dog house?

As you start to evaluate your choices always keep one thing at the front of your mind. Is the dog house going to be comfortable for your dog? All of the fancy exterior designs to look great in your yard mean nothing to your dog. Your dog only wants a few things from the dog house. They want a comfortable and dry place to lay down. They want good ventilation for the hot summer days, and protection from the wind on the coldest days. Examine the features of every dog house plan with those thoughts in mind, and you will have a good idea if your dog will actually use the dog house.

After you take care of your dog’s needs, then you can let your mind go wild. If you want to go the fabulous route you can find plans to build a dog house which looks much like your own home. You can have small windows, window planters, shutters, and all the accessories to make it look like a tiny human house. If your dog is a real king or queen, you can choose dog house designs to build them a castle.

Since you are planning to build the dog house with your own two hands, take the time commitments to build the dog house into consideration. If you are needing a dog house built quickly then it is best to stick with very simple dog house designs. Many of these plans can be built in an afternoon, and have it ready for your pet to move into once the paint dries. When you are considering one of more fantastic and outlandish ideas it may take you several weekends to complete the project. If your dog already has a dog house to use, and this is just the replacement, then time is not as big of an issue.

Cost is a concern for most dog owners. The more extreme and fancy the dog house designs, the higher the cost. One thing which helps with cost is the small size of a dog house. Often you can use scraps from other projects for many portions of building a dog house. Just make sure you use good quality materials, which are rated for outdoor use.

One other item to watch for on all the dog house designs you check. Check to see how easy it will be to clean the dog house. You are going to want to be able to gain access for sweeping it out. Your dogs are going to make a mess of the dog house, and you do not want to try to crawl in yourself to do the cleaning.

Building a dog house can be either very easy with simple dog house designs, or extremely complex for a fancy home. Evaluate your plans carefully, and never forget the comfort of your pet.