Dog House Heater – From the Simple To The Ultra High Tech

Are you worried about your dog in the winter months? You want to make sure their dog house provides enough heat and protection to keep your pet safe during the harshest winter nights. A dog house heater is the best method to keep your pet warm. These heaters come in many different styles from extremely simple to very high tech. Here are some of the choices you want to consider.

The simplest and least expensive options is to add a simple incandescent light to the dog house. The light will provide plenty of heat for your dog, but does add two distinct disadvantages. The first problem comes from the heat of the light. It is not a thermostatically controlled heat source. The heat may become too hot, or bumping the light could burn your pet. The second disadvantage is light. Your dog appreciates dark for sleeping, too. By having a bright light on in the dog house to keep them warm, they may have more problems sleeping at night.

The second choice for dog house heaters is also the most common. This is the mid-priced item, and is likely to be your best choice. They are the dog house heating beds or pads. They are designed to lay on the bottom of the dog house, and do have a thermostat to control the level of heat. They are designed to be moisture and weather resistant. These dog house heating pads will keep the home warm while giving your dog plenty of comfort, with almost no risk of burns.

Some people opt to use an electric blanket, or electric heating pad for humans in place of the dog house heater. This is extremely dangerous. The blankets and pad are not designed to be water proof, or to stand up to your dog’s scratching, shuffling, and dragging the blanket around. Stay away from this option.

The final and most expensive option is the entire dog house heater, cooler, and WiFi center. Yes, it includes WiFi capability so you can hook up a webcam and watch your pet online using MSN. During the winter months it can warm the dog house to a very comfortable temperature. In the summer it provide air conditioning. The amazing thing is how little electricity it actually uses. The manufacturer claims it can be run on 50 cents of electricity per day. It is an amazing value on energy usage, but the initial cost is many times higher than the other methods.

No matter what method you choose for a dog house heater, your dog will appreciate it. You will keep them warm through the worst winter nights. You will be able to sleep through the night knowing your pet is safe and warm. It is a good investment in your pet’s safety, and your peace of mind. Don’t wait until winter’s cold nights start up, go ahead and get your heater today, and be prepared.

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