Dog Skin Conditions – Do You Know What to Look For?

One of the most common problems dogs are taken into the vetarinarian for is dog skin conditions. There is a wide range of skin conditions which afflict dogs, and as a dog owner you need to be aware of some of the most common.

The one almost every dog owner fears and suspects is mange. Mange is not an individual disease but actually a complete category of skin conditions which predominantly only occur in domesticated animals. This family of skin conditions includes bacterial infections and parasitic mites. If you suspect your dog has mange, do not try to battle it on your own. This is condition best diagnosed by your dog’s vet. They will then be given the proper skin treatments or medications to clear up the condition.

When you hear about dermatitis you always assume it is primarily a human condition, but it is actually present in many species of animals. Dermatitis will cause your dog to become itchy around the eyes, mouth, and ears. This condition is very common in certain breeds, with the Golden Retriever being very susceptible. Usually the dermatitis can be traced to an allergic reaction. Your veterinarian will be able to recommend items you should limit the dog’s exposure to, and offer medications or shampoos to aid in the relief.

Have you ever noticed how a dog can sometimes be their own worst enemy? A common skin problem is lick granulomas. These sore spots usually found around their ankles of joints are caused and irritated by only one thing, the dogs licking. You are going to need to try to disrupt your dog’s pattern or excessive licking. This will be more difficult than it sounds since the moment your head is turned they will head back to licking. Your veterinarian may recommend putting a cone on your dogs head for a few days to limit their ability to lick.

The first thing you should always check for with dogs who are starting to scratch too much is fleas. You need to get these little parasites under control quickly, before your pet starts to create additional dog skin conditions with their excessive scratching, nibbling, and licking. There are many highly effective over the counter solutions, plus even stronger remedies you can purchase at your local animal clinic.

There are various canine infectious diseases which your pet could contract from other dogs. If you have noticed any dogs with skin problems around your dog, this is a very likely candidate for their dog skin conditions. This will take a visit to the animal clinic for a proper evaluation, and the proper medications to get it under control.

The best news about dog skin conditions, they are all very treatable, and dogs recover quickly. Make sure you keep your dog clean, and have regular visits with the vet, and your pet is likely to avoid most of these conditions. If they happen to start having problems, do not delay, get it under control quickly. Both you and your pet will be happy to have the scratching stop.