Female Canary – Uncover The Difference Between Male and Female Caries

Did you buy a couple canaries because you hope to breed them? Do you have any idea which is the female canary and which is the male? Are you sure you have one of both?

Canaries present a major challenge for most owners. You can go to a pet shop, buy from a long term canary owner, and even good breeders and still end up with the wrong birds. Canaries are very difficult for anyone to determine their sex except for a trained veterinary. Even then it is not by looking at the canaries, it would require a minor surgical procedure, or testing of the bird’s feces.

If it is this difficult how are you ever going to make sure you have a male and female canary? One of the easiest, but not fool-proof methods, of identifying the gender is by listening to them sing. Most females only chirp, or have lower quality singing. A male canary will sing beautifully. Their voice is one of their attraction methods to call females for mating. This is going to be one of the best methods to attempt to tell them apart.

There is one big problem with using singing as your method. Some females can sing. Females with higher testosterone levels, whether naturally, or induced, will sing very similar to a male. A high level would be extremely rare, and since most pet stores and breeders are very upstanding you are unlikely to run into this issue.

The only way you are going to finally be sure is when your pair of birds start mating. Before you reach this stage, you need to do a little preparation.

As you are preparing for mating your birds, do not keep them caged together. Have them in separate cages beside each other. The two birds will become accustomed to each other, without the temptations to fight.

Another important lead up to mating is in their diet. Make sure to give them the highest quality seeds and feed as you prepare your birds. This helps trigger mating, and produces the highest quality eggs and offspring.

Your female canary may surprise you. You are likely to see anywhere from two to six eggs. She will lay one egg each day. Some breeders highly recommend removing the male after all the eggs have been laid. Other breeders are just as adamant you should leave the male, since often they help care for the female while she is brooding the eggs.

The eggs take approximately 14 days to hatch. If you removed the male, then return him to the cage after the eggs hatch. He will assist the female canary in caring and feeding for all their young chirping babies.

Once you have seen your female canary lay eggs, you can finally with certainty know you have identified the sex of your two canaries. Mother Nature knew the answer all along, she just wanted you to play along with the game.

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