Freshwater Tropical Fish – Keeping Life Simple For Your Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium is never as easy as you thought. It is often not as inexpensive as you expected either. By sticking with freshwater tropical fish you will keep your costs down and your maintenance to a minimum.

It is easy to get caught up in the idea of wanting to have a salt water aquarium. There are so many great looking saltwater fish, and it seems to be a step forward in having an aquarium. The problem is you are stepping forward into more challenges and more cost. The truth is you can have even more variety with the freshwater tropical fish and have a more relaxing experience.

Freshwater tropical fish do not require you to maintain salt balance, measure nitrates, and spend the high amounts of money demanded for tropical saltwater fish.

If you are doubtful about freshwater tropical fish being just as beautiful, take a look at these varieties:

Leporinus Fasciatus – This fish has a beautiful slim torpedo body with distinct vertical black stripes running the length of the body. The body is a light yellow between the stripes. These fish are not a tiny little fish either. They can grow to an amazing 12” long. You need a tank of at least 40 gallons to startup with these beauties.

Red Wag Platy – This very low cost fish is not low in beauty. At only 3” long is can be used in smaller tanks of 10 to 20 gallons. With the bright red-orange body and deep grey, to almost black fins it is a highlight in almost any tank. It is a great fish for beginners, but with the beauty is still a favorite of experienced hobbyists.

Long Fin Red Minor Tetra – This is a tiny schooling fish of only 2” in length. They prefer to live in groups of 6 or more fish. Their tails and fins create a soft flowing appearance. They are low in cost normally under $5 each. They are easy to care for and very hardy. One word of caution on any long fin or long tail fish. Do not tank them with aggressive fish or you will discover chunks missing from their beautiful plumage.

GloFish – Another tiny delight in the freshwater tropical fish. The Glofish is another fish which only reaches 2” in length, but with their neon yellow body color you will never miss them in the tank. They swim towards the top of the tank making them a perfect mix for the other fish above. Most of the other fish are middle swimmers.

White Cloud – With a name like white cloud you would be expecting a white fish. Instead you get a fish which is a combination of metallic colors flowing from red to yellow to orange. You will think you are seeing a metal flake paint job with these tiny wonders. They are another top swimmer.

As you are starting to see you can create a tank filled with extreme beauty and amazing color. While many of this list is filled with small fish perfect for a starter aquarium you can find freshwater tropical fish which range from 1” to over 2 feet in length. The cost of freshwater fish is always much lower than comparable saltwater varieties making them the ideal option for new aquarium enthusiasts.