Frontline for Cats – Stop The Continual Battle With Fleas Right Now

Do you feel like you are constantly battling fleas? You wash all the blankets. You bathe your cat with a flea shampoo. You get them a flea collar. Still the fleas keep coming back. Frontline for cats stops the cycle of fleas and gets rid of them rapidly.

How fast is Frontline for Cats in getting rid of fleas? Would you believe you could have your cat completely flea free in less than a day? Studies done by Frontline have shown 100% of all fleas are killed within 12 hours of applying the product.

Just getting fleas killed in 12 hours is not enough. Fleas leave behind larvae and eggs which will continue to hatch and grow long after most treatments wear off. With Frontline the protection lasts for a full 30 days. Then you simply apply a new treatment to continue keeping your cat flea free.

The life pattern of fleas is what makes so many treatments ineffective. You kill all the adult fleas, but unless you are meticulous about using a flea comb to remove all eggs and larvae, you will have fleas returning.

Frontline for cats is one of the easiest treatments to apply. Being a topical treatment you simply apply it to your cats back, and the treatment spreads throughout their body, making them a flea killing machine, not a flea sanctuary.

Even if you have kittens you can begin using Frontline to battle their fleas. You must make sure the kittens are at least 8 weeks old, but after that Frontline is very safe, and highly effective.

Many common flea formulations cannot be used on pregnant or lactating females. Their ingredients would be harmful to the unborn or newborn kittens. Frontline does not pass into the developing kittens through their mother, or through their mother’s milk. It is a very safe option for a pregnant cat, or one who is a new mother.

While we are talking extensively about the flea protection the second protection is equally important. Frontline for cats is just as effective in eliminating ticks on your feline friends. Have you ever needed to pluck a tick out of your cat’s skin? It is never fun for us, and even less fun for our cats.

When you can eliminate the threats from both ticks and fleas with one simple to apply medicine, it is a real blessing. No more worrying about removing ticks which have become deeply embedded in our cat.

If you want to hear about Frontline from the real authorities, check with your veterinarian. They are sure to know all about Frontline and may be already recommending it to their clients.

When you are ready to win the war with fleas and ticks it is time to stop using inferior solutions. Go with Frontline for cats and have a solution which is 100% effective fast, and then keeps working for a full month. You will be glad you made the choice.