Heated Dog House – Your Dog Can Live in Luxury Through The Sleet and Snow

Have you kicked your dog out of the house? Maybe that is not the way to say it. Maybe you just made the decision to have an outdoor pet instead of an indoor one. You can give your dog just as high of protection from the cold as an indoor pet by using a heated dog house.

Some people think this is just too much. They cannot understand why anyone would want to have a heated dog house. Dogs have survived for centuries out in the cold weather. The truth is dogs throughout history have frozen to death, too. Your dog is even more vulnerable because he is restricted to the area around his dog house. He cannot go seek shelter where he prefers, he has only one refuge. When the temperatures start dipping below zero your dog is at high risk.

You need to make the decision if you live in one of the states with bitter winters. Are you going to keep bringing your dog into the garage, basement, or your home when those terrible days start hitting, or do you want to have a heated dog house. The heated dog house allows your pet to stay in the house he is accustomed to, and still remain safe and warm.

A heated dog house is usually accomplished in a couple ways. One of the most common is to add a heated dog bed into the interior of the house. This heated cushion is thermostatically controlled to allow you to set a comfortable but safe temperature for your pet. Your dog will have the comfort on laying on a nice warm surface, which will transfer heat up into their body. The heat rises to heat the interior of the dog house, also.

The other option is a heating system which heats the air in the dog house. This is similar to forced heat for you home but on a much smaller scale. Some of these systems can even cool the dog house in the summer months when the temperatures are unbearable in the other direction.

One of the biggest determining factors in choosing how your heated dog house is actually heated comes down to cost. A passive heating system using a heated bed, or other heating elements is much lower in price than the air heating options. The good news, you dog would probably prefer the heated bed, or passive system anyways. They can choose to lay in the middle of it, or try to escape off to the side if they are getting too warm. They enjoy feeling the heat radiating up through their body, and will lay on the bed happily.

When you make the decision to have an outdoor pet, you must make the decision to provide them a safe and comfortable place in harsh weather. A heated dog house will help you fulfill your side of the bargain. Your dogs happy face will provide his side of the deal.