Hills Prescription Diet Cat Food – It Could Be Just What The Vet Orders

Not all cat foods are made equally. When your pet has unique dietary needs due to allergies or a health condition your veterinarian may tell you Hill’s Prescription Diet Cat Food is what you need. Hill’s Pet is the pet food company veterinarians turn to when solving difficult dietary issues.

Hill’s provides specialized blends and formulations for treating bladder problems, skin issues, and to eliminate causes of allergies. Many of their products are created to give additional supplementation, vitamins, and minerals to treat a wide variety of cat health issues. Here are a few of the mixtures you may be encountering.

One of the challenges pet owners face when their cat has food allergies is not being able find treats to give their pet. They may have always rewarded their pet, and suddenly they have a very unhappy pet. No treats seem to be allowed. Hills Prescription Diet Cat Food line includes a group of Hypoallergenic Cat Treats. You can start rewarding your cat for all the love they give you.

After surgery or a major illness your cat needs added nutrition to aid in the healing process. Added energy, nutrients, and easy to digest proteins are critical for wound recovery. The extra calories are required since your pet’s body is working overtime trying to heal the wounds, and to recover. A/D Feline Canned Cat food is a great option in these cases. It is easily digested, and provides all the nutrients your cat needs for fast recovery. This is one of the foods your vet is likely to recommend you take home after a surgical procedure.

Hills Prescription Diet Cat Food is only available from your veterinary offices. While Hill produces a full line of non-prescription foods, these varieties are not filled with the same additives used in the prescription formulations.


If your cat has been diagnosed with bladder problems, your vet will usually start your cat on a gentle cat food from your grocery store. If these over the counter varieties do not alleviate your pets problems your vet will want you to consider using Hills Prescription Diet cat food designed for bladder problems. The formulation is even gentler, and includes supporting additives for your cat’s bladder problems. Bladder problems is one of the most disconcerting issues for pet owners. When you pet lacks bladder control you become very frustrated.

When your cat is facing major dietary problems Hills Prescription Diet cat food is the choice of veterinarians everywhere. You may be faced with higher cost foods for a short period of time, but most commonly these higher costs may be offset with faster recoveries, less veterinary visits, and lower costs for medications. Your vet will only recommend and prescribe these high quality foods when they are necessary. The good news is these high quality products are available to support your cat’s health and recovery. Without products of this type the recovery of our pets would be much slower, and sometimes recovery may not occur.