Homemade Cat Food – Saving Money And Your Cat By Creating Your Own Feline Masterpieces

Do you ever wonder how much nutrition is really in those bags of dry cat food? At the price you pay you would expect the nutritional value to be very high. While the labels will tell you your cat is getting great nutrition, much of it is added in supplements, not for the actual food itself. Homemade cat food can be much healthier and save you money at the same time.

As you start thinking about using homemade cat food you may begin to panic thinking about all the added preparation time which is going to be required. You will be surprised how easy it really is to make great high quality cat food. Instead of cooking up batches of homemade cat food on a daily basis, plan to make it once or twice per week and then serve it to your cat.

You are not limited to only making soft cooked cat foods, but there are great recipes for making your own dry cat foods, too. If you elect to make the dry variety you can cook up a couple weeks worth of food at one time and bag it up for use over those two weeks.

There are two very interesting theories in making homemade cat food. One camp uses recipes which requires cooking a preparation. Your cat food will include proteins from chicken, pork, beef, or fish. You then add in chopped carrots, peas, or other vegetables to round out your cats diet.

The second camp will tell you to completely forget about the cooking. Your cat would never eat cooked food in a natural environment. They love raw foods. They point to studies showing cat health improves when fed higher percentages of raw foods. Once again this can include chicken, beef, pork, or fish. Chicken and fish would be the two more highly recommended choices. They are more nearly related to the natural foods of your cat. You can supplement their diet with eggs, also.

Which way should you go with your homemade cat food? It is totally up to you. Whether you want to try your cat on raw foods, or use recipes to cook up their food is a personal choice. You will discover your cats health will improve either way due to the higher quality of their food. Their food is no longer based on fillers and indigestible material, but is made from high quality meats and vegetables. It will be easier on their stomachs and give them more nutrition.

Choosing to start using homemade cat food is not for everyone. It does take more time than buying canned cat food, or dry cat food. Most cats thrive on purchased food with no problems. If you choose to make your own cat food you will improve their diet, and their health. You are likely to save money producing your own cat food. The real joy is in knowing your cat is eating food which was prepared with love, not just stamped out in a factory.