Human Grade Dog Food – Your Dog Already Believes He is Part of The Family – Feed Him Like One

Dogs have the ability to take on almost human like traits. They play, joke, get grouchy, and many other personality traits. Since they act almost human, you may want to start feeding this valuable part of your family Human Grade Dog Food.

What exactly is human grade dog food? It is dog food manufactured with higher standards, and higher quality, than your standard dog foods. This dog food meets or exceeds the requirements the FDA sets forth for the production of food for human consumption. Pet food is normally allowed to have a much higher percentage of byproducts, chemicals, and more leniency in production methods.

Think of it this way. When food for humans is manufactured, every step of the process must be ran on FDA approved equipment, conveyor belts, cooking systems, and packaging machines. They have all been tested and certified to meet the highest standards. The ingredients used in the products must also meet all the high standards set forth by the FDA. Food manufacturers and packagers can have a drop in inspection at any moment to check on their cleanliness, and the quality of ingredients they use.

When you buy human grade dog food it is of high enough quality you could safely feed it to every member of your family. The ingredients are of equal quality to the foods you buy in the grocery store for yourself and your children. The processes used are safe and clean enough to guarantee a human will not become ill eating the food. Do not be tempted to try it. Where your pet will love the food, your family will probably call the insane asylum to have you admitted. They do not want human grade food, they want human food.

If you value your pet, and feel they are a true member of your family, you may want to try upgrading their dog food to the highest quality possible. As you are probably already guessing, these varieties of dog foods are going to be more expensive. It will be up to you to decide if they are worth it for your pet.

One other area where human grade dog food is very valuable is with finicky eating dogs. You will discover this level of dog food is made with more natural ingredients, carefully blended to satisfy almost any dog. The flavors are what your dogs instincts tell them they should love. They will devour this food, while leaving many of the other brands of dog foods sitting in their bowls. When you have been throwing away food, testing different brands, and wasting money, you may discover the higher cost of human grade is actually cheaper. If your dog eats every bite, and there is no waste, it could be the true bargain.

When your dog starts acting like a human, and wants to join you at the table, it is a sure sign it is time to upgrade their diet. They are notifying you of their new status as nearly human, and demanding the high quality of human grade dog food.