Low Protein Cat Food – Should You Consider A Low Protein Diet For Your Cat?

That mighty hiss and meow from your cat are the smaller version of a lion’s roar. Your cat is a meat eating predator, only on a smaller scale. They are designed to hunt down bugs, birds, mice, and other small prey for their food. Their diet in the wild would be almost completely protein. Is there ever a case where a low protein cat food makes sense?

About the only time you may want to consider a low protein cat food is on the advice of your veterinarian. If your cat is suffering from kidney or renal problems they may recommend reducing the protein in their diet. Protein is one of the hardest items for the kidneys and renal system to process, and by removing some of the protein it can give them a chance to rest and potentially enhance recovery.

If you suspect your cat is having these types of problems, do not start using low protein cat food on a wish and a prayer. You must have your suspicions confirmed by a vet, and get their recommendations. Your decision could be completely wrong. Your vet may discover a different underlying cause which is easily treated with a simple prescription. Always enlist the aid of your veterinarian when making major decisions about your pet’s health.

Choosing to use low protein cat food for other purposes, such as weight loss, does not make sense. While it can be an effective strategy for a human or many other animals, a cat is primarily a meat eating animal. By trying to dramatically change their diet you could be reducing the intake of critical nutrients and putting unnecessary stress on their body. This comes back to the reason it is important to check.

When you have a diagnosis from your veterinarian of potential problems with the kidneys and he is recommending a lower protein diet, then it is time to explore your options. You can find a few varieties of low protein cat food which is produced specifically for these situations. Your animal clinic may be your best source of buying the food. Otherwise you will probably need to look online. This is not a food which is commonly kept in most grocery stores, or even large pet stores. There is not enough cats requiring the low protein diets for many stores to carry it.

Some pet owners elect to make their own pet foods in these situations. You could combine regular canned diet or dry cat food with additional vegetables and starchy foods to provide enough calories. Your veterinarian will probably be giving you some recipes to consider, or can advise you what items to blend.

The best news, it is not likely your cat will require low protein cat food, but if they do it is available. Until your vet makes the recommendation, don’t worry about it. If he does, start off with mixing up your own blend for a few days while you check at your local store. You may discover buying the food online will be your cheapest alternative, so make sure to compare you prices. With a little loving care your pet may be back to normal soon.