Orange Canary – The Flaming Beauty of the Bird World

Would you love to see a flaming orange fire flitting through your bird cage? This is exactly what you will have with an orange canary. They are a beautiful sight, and almost as pleasant to hear.

The orange canary is another of the specially bred varieties of canaries. Their solid orange color was first captured in the early 1600’s by monks. They were very careful to protect their rare birds by only selling the males. Eventually a group of Italians began breeding the orange canary, which then quickly spread to England and worldwide. The orange canary was a prized bird, often only owned by the most influential people.

Luckily for all of us, the orange canary is no longer such a rare commodity. It is a variety of bird you can add to your home with ease through many different breeders, pet stores, or other owners.

As you start looking to add an orange canary make sure you keep in mind only the males are going to sing. If you want to fill your home with beautiful music, then get a boy.

A common mistake many canary owners make is putting their male and a female together all the time. Then they start pulling their hair out trying to figure out why he is not singing. Why would he sing? He has what he was singing for. He wanted to find a mate. He is finished attracting a female, she is right in the cage beside him. They are alone with no competition.

You will have greater success and happier birds if you keep them in separate cages with a little distance between them. Your male will know a female is around, and will work diligently to attract her. She will enjoy the social communication. You may even end up with the two birds becoming mates and producing chicks. The best way to let them reproduce is to move the cages together for a few weeks prior to mating season, then put them in the same cage until the hen lays eggs. You may wish to remove the male for a while at this time, until the eggs are hatched in about two weeks. Then reintroduce the male orange canary to help the female in feeding their family.

What else should you expect from your orange canary? They are a very active breed. Make sure the cage is as large as possible for your area. They love to fly around the cage and get exercise. Have a minimum of two perches of different sizes, preferably more. You will enjoy watching the antics of your orange ball of flame leaping around the cage playfully.

Feeding an orange canary is identical to any other canary. Make sure you provide them with canary food which contains a wide variety of seeds. Add in a good cuttlestone for maintaining their beak. In a second food dish add fresh vegetables, lettuce, mustard greens, and other green leafy foods are ideal. This helps your canary stay healthy. The other critical factor is keeping fresh water, replacing it daily.

Your orange canary will be very hardy, active, and fun to have in your home. It is one of the most beautiful breeds of canary, and should be on your short list of canary choices.

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