Outdoor Dog Kennels – A Great Way To Protect Your Dog Without Building A Fence

You have a great dog who needs a safe place to be outside. You hate the idea of ropes or chains, and dislike the idea of building a fence around your entire yard even more. Choosing one of the great outdoor dog kennels may be your best choice.

Outdoor dog kennels come in many different sizes and materials. The most common of the dog kennels is made from a steel mesh fencing, along with a steel frame. A dog kennel needs to be very strong to stand up to an excited dog jumping up against the gate or sides when they see you coming out to play.

You will want to size your kennel to match the size and ability of your dog. A large dog is going to need a larger kennel to give them room to run and exercise. You can find easy to assemble kennels in wide range of sizes. Some readily available kennels are over 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. It is not only the width and length you need to be concerned about. With a small dog having a 6 foot high kennel is plenty high, but what about when you have a large dog. Some of the larger breeds can jump and climb over the top of a six foot fence in a moment. You will find kennels in a wide range of heights to help contain your do safely inside.

If your dog is a persistent climber, you may want to consider a kennel which also encloses the top with the same steel mesh. Even if they are not climbers, you should consider a outdoor dog kennels with a protective roof. This can help keep the sun and rain off of your dog, making them more comfortable and safe during even the hottest or wettest days.

Many times it is not only over the top you need to be concerned with when setting up your kennel. Are you planning to put the kennel on the ground, on a concrete slab, or a concrete footing? Once you have determined the location the kennel will stay in, you should consider at least a concrete footing for the kennel. You will want the footing to go deep enough into the ground to make sure it prevents your dog from digging out of the kennel. Without using either a concrete slab or footing, you can be sure your dog is going to escape at some point. They will see that soft grass and ground as an easy method of making their way out of captivity.

If you absolutely hate the idea and appearance of the steel outdoor dog kennels there are options for wood kennels, too. They will not replace all of the steel, but can give you more options for a better looking outdoor kennel. Be aware that dogs are notorious for scratching or biting their way through wood. The steel kennel is the safest kennel for your pet, and the one which will last the lifetime of your dog.