Parakeet Behavior – What To Expect When You Bring a Parakeet Home

What should you expect in parakeet behavior in your home? Maybe we should try to predict the behavior of a 3 year old child. Parakeets all have their own unique personalities and little behavior quirks, but just like 3 year olds, they do have some traits which are similar.

One of the most prevalent parakeet behavior is playfulness, just like a 3 year old child. They want to explore, play, holler, and have fun. Make sure you give them some toys in their cage. You are bringing home a parakeet to enjoy their presence, and one of the greatest parts is all the antics they can get into. You are going to have a great time watching your parakeet.

There is a very important reason to consider getting more than one parakeet. They enjoy flocking behavior. They enjoy the social interaction of more birds being with them. It can lead to colorful rounds of singing contests going on between your birds. Even if you cage them separately they will be calling out to each other. If you want to see parakeets in their full level of joy keep them caged together so they can enjoy the camaraderie during play.

In distinct contrast to most 3 year old children, your parakeet loves to keep themselves neat and clean. You will discover your parakeet busy preening their feathers on a regular basis. They must keep them clean in order to maintain good flight condition and their own health. Not only will they preen, but they love to bathe, too. You will want to provide them with a place to get a little water action going.

One of the most fun parakeet behaviors to watch is the poofing and tail wagging. Suddenly your parakeet will puff up their feathers making themselves look much fatter. This is often accompanied with a wagging tail. The behavior can be very funny to watch.

Ever watched your 3 year old waking up, or battling sleep? The big, luxurious, exaggerated stretches are shared by your birds. This parakeet behavior helps keep them limber and ready for action. It often is following with bouncing, moving, and getting their blood moving a little. Just like your 3 year old, they just want to get back into motion.

When the stretching, preening, bathing, and playing have all been finished, it is time for the cutest parakeet behavior. Your parakeet is going to bury their beak in to a quiet place near their wing, tucking down their neck, and start their nap. Napping is very common for parakeets. With all of their other activities they run out of energy, and when that magic moment arrives they head off into dreamland, just like an exhausted 3 year old. While your parakeet may be more mature than your three year old, parakeet behavior can be very similar, and they are both lovable. The biggest advantage to the 3 year old, you can hug them. The biggest advantage to the parakeet, they are less demanding. The happiest homes often have both.