Parakeet Bird Cage – Choosing the Proper Cage For Your Parakeets

How often have you seen the silly little bird cages some people try to keep birds in? You see them with birds in their home, then a few months later you are back in their home and the cage is missing, and you hear no sounds of birds. Choosing the best parakeet bird cages can be a matter of life and death for your parakeet.

Parakeet bird cages come in a variety of sizes. When you are selecting a cage for your bird, do not just look at the price tag. The smallest cheapest cages are going to potentially be your worst investment. You may pay half the price, but if your parakeet dies in a few weeks or months, you have wasted the money. You want to buy a larger cage to allow your parakeet lots of room for flight, and movement. When they feel trapped into a tiny place they will eat less, sing less, and be less energetic. Take a look at the area you are wanting to use in your home and start envisioning the largest cage which will fit in the spot and within your budget.

Your parakeet bird cage must have very secure doors and latches. You do not want to find your bird out flying around when you believed it was safely caged. Next, check the ease of cleaning. Does it have a drop out bottom pan to make cleaning up the parakeet droppings easier.

Just getting the proper bird cage is not enough. You need to have accessories. You are going to want to have a parakeet watering system to keep a plentiful supply of water for your birds. You need to add feeding accessories to hold their food and make it easy for them to eat. You want to make sure to include accessories for entertainment. Your parakeets love to go from place to place in the cage. They want activity, exploration, and fun. You need to provide them the proper toys for their amusement.

Your parakeet loves to have several levels to perch on. Instead of having a small cage with only one landing spot, a larger cage with two or three landing locations gives them more freedom. This is even more important if you have multiple parakeets. Your parakeet bird cage will need to provide enough space for them to enjoy the company of their partners, but enough room for them to find a little privacy.

Your parakeet bird cage does not need to be fancifully adorned or elaborate. Your parakeets will be happy with a fairly simple cage, as long as it has plenty of room, places to rest, and all the accessories for their food, water, and enjoyment. Your biggest deciding factor for you should be the comfort of your birds, followed closely by the ease of cleaning. When you have those two necessities on place, everything else is just a luxury. If you want a fancy cage, go ahead. Your parakeets are just as happy to make a mess of fancy cages as the simple ones. They just want a place to have fun.