Parakeet Birds – The Beautiful Boundless Energy Flying Through the Air

Do you love seeing energy in flight? The colorful little parakeet birds we contain in those tiny cages in our homes are some of the most energetic and beautiful creatures to take flight.

If you have any doubts, wait until the one day you leave the cage door open a moment too long. Your parakeet will be flying through the house with complete abandon. Rapidly going from room to room, landing spot to landing spot. Trying to catch them is an extreme challenge. If your parakeet is well trained it will probably return to its own cage, or if you move slowly you can probably ask it to step onto your finger and carry it back to the cage. It is going to want some time to blow the steam of being kept captive.

Most likely your parakeet is from Australia. The Budgie is the most common bird sold in most pet stores. These parakeet birds are usually bright green and yellow in coloration. You can find parakeets of many other color combinations from around the world.

The parakeet is a small variety of parrot, and has many of the same abilities. Some parakeets are even able to learn to say simple words. Parakeets are highly intelligent and are very trainable. If you want a pet who can learn simple tricks, be highly entertaining, and a delight to listen to, you have found your perfect pet.

There is another big advantage to keeping parakeets compared to many other pets. When you want to go on vacation the parakeets are already caged and ready to go visiting to a friends or relatives home for the week. Just make sure they understand the challenges of taking care of a parakeet. You do not want them to be surprised the the need to change the cage liners, or in the necessary precautions of closing windows and doors before opening the birds cage. They may even want to make sure they close doors to the room before they open the cage so they are not chasing your parakeet around their house.

If you want to keep your parakeet birds bursting with energy you must give them plenty of food, and the proper foods. Making sure they are getting plentiful and high quality nutrition is the key component in extending their lives, and keeping them healthy. A well nourished bird will be flitting about their cage with energy.

If you are wanting to have the happiest parakeets it is a good idea to keep more than a single girl. Parakeet birds enjoy company of their own type. While your company may be enjoyed, you are not talking the same language. Having more than one parakeet will increase the singing, chirping, and noise as your two birds enjoy the company. With proper nutrition, plentiful clean water, and companionship you parakeets will keep you happy for many years. You will discover the joys of watching these magnificent birds, and their amazing energy. You may be watching the parakeets more than your television.