Parakeet Information – What Do You Really Know About Parakeets?

Sharing parakeet information is a little like sharing apple information. There are many different varieties of apples, and many different varieties of parakeets. You can find varieties of parakeets from South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Most commonly, the ones most people in the western world are familiar with as parakeets are the varieties from Australia.

Parakeets have been one of the favorite cage birds throughout history. Their colorful feathers, beautiful singing, and with some varieties being able to learn to speak, they have been a treasured addition to many homes. Even the USA at one point had a population of parakeets, the Carolina Parakeet. This was a larger parakeet reaching almost twelve inches long. The bird was hunted and destroyed into extinction because of the desire to have the birds for cage pets, and the belief they destroyed too many crops. It was a tragic loss for the USA.

An important part of parakeet information of pet owners is understanding their needs. The common pet parakeet, the Budgie for Australia, requires a cage larger than you would expect. These birds like to be very active and if contained in too small of a cage will become depressed, which could lead to failure to eat, and possible death. Choose the largest cage which will fit in your chosen area to allow plenty of play room for your parakeet. You will get added joy watching them fly and play in the cage making it a great investment.

Feeding your pet parakeet is one of the easiest parts of your parakeet information. Parakeets eat a combination of fruits, seeds, whole grains, flowers, and grasses. It may sound difficult until you consider there is a wide range of premixed parakeet foods available. If you buy from a reputable pet food company you will have decades of experience in feeding parakeets, and providing them with all their essential nutrients.

Any parakeet information would be lacking if it did not warn you about the mess. Parakeets are notorious for being a very messy bird. This includes tossing food around, and plentiful droppings. As a parakeet owner you must be prepared for your regular cage cleanings. This is an essential portion of parakeet ownership, and should not be put off. Your parakeets health and your family’s health can be risked if you do not keep a clean cage.

Your pet parakeet requires you provide them with a good fresh supply of water. The easiest way is to use a small watering bottle designed specifically for your parakeets cage. Make sure you replace the water in the bottle, not just continually adding to the existing water. Wash the bottle on a regular basis. If you only refill the bottle you are inviting bacteria to take hold, and potentially risk your parakeet’s life.

This is just the beginning to the parakeet information you are going to want for training and taking care of your bird. Adding a good Parakeet care guide to your home library is a great choice. It will give you added information and a quick reference when questions occur. You are going to love having a parakeet in your home.