Parakeet Life – The Life Of A Caged Acrobatic Singer

In the wild the parakeet life is filled with the flashing flight as they dash from tree to tree. Their life is filled with interaction with a community of birds, with social interaction going on all the time. They enjoy a wide variety of natural seeds, fruits, and other treats they find in all corners of their world. Filled with joy the entire community of birds can be caught in outbursts of song telling the world of their joy, and announcing to the opposite sex their desire to breed.

Imagine going from all the excitement of the wild and suddenly being constrained to a small cage. This is one of the key reasons you should always choose your parakeet from a breeder, and not a wild captured bird. At least the birds from a breeder will not feel the loss of their former life, or will they? Animal instincts are powerful, and even these birds born and raised in captivity feel the call of freedom. You need to offer them a life of as much freedom and joy possible.

The starting point to them having a great parakeet life in captivity is the cage itself. You need a large cage. You need to give your parakeet plenty of space to move around in their cage. The need to be able to stretch their wings and explore. The ideal area would be a large enclosure and not a standard cage.

As we are talking about cages, consider your parakeet’s need for social interaction. You may be a great companion, but you are not another parakeet. If you want to increase the quality of your parakeet’s life in one easy step, give them a companion. Add one or two more parakeets to your home and you will give your bird something it desperately desires, interaction with other parakeets. This is one more reason to make sure any cage or enclosure you select is large.

You will never be able to offer your parakeet the variety of foods they could find in the wild in their natural settings, but you can come close. Check closely at your pet store or supply center and buy a variety of foods. You want your parakeet to be able to pick and choose from a variety of food as they would do in the wild. Their body will give them feedback on what nutrients they need and they will eat the proper foods if they are available. You job in maintaining your parakeet’s health is making sure they are given plenty of nutrition, fresh water, and watch for any signs of illness.

While the parakeet life in a cage is never going to match the unbridled joy of the wild, it can come close. If you provide quality food, plenty of space, and companion parakeets, you will find your birds chirping, chattering, and singing together. You will see them playfully enjoying each others company playing with the toys you provide them. You are the number one factor in determining the level of your parakeet’s happiness in captivity. If you provide them with all the essentials they will find provide exactly what you were hoping for, a joyful, beautiful, acrobatic singer dancing around their cage.