Parakeet Tricks – What Kind Of Tricks Can You Teach Your Intelligent Bird?

Before you begin teaching parakeet tricks there is one thing you must always keep in mind. Did you check every window and door in the house? You need to make sure the house is safely closed, and if you own other pets, that they are safely put away. Your parakeet is very vulnerable.

Now, since you are prepared, the first trick every parakeet owner needs to work on is sitting on your finger. It may sound like the most boring trick in the world, but if you cannot teach your parakeet to sit on your finger, and return to you, then all other tricks will be almost impossible to train.

The easiest way to start training is to use a thin stick, about the diameter of your finger. You want to place the stick just in front of, and slightly above your bird’s feet. This is to prompt them to step up onto the stick. You will probably need to practice using a stick for many sessions, and once your parakeet is stepping confidently, you can start substituting your finger. At this point you are still working within the confines of the cage.

After you parakeet becomes very confident stepping onto your finger, then it is time to slowly bring your hand out of the cage, while the parakeet is perched on your finger. Teaching parakeet tricks takes patience, and determination.

The next trick to start working on is climbing the ladder. You can do this by rotating hands to the front of your parakeet prompting them to step up with each new finger presented to them. Teaching this trick helps to continue the bond and confidence between you and your parakeet. This confidence will be needed as you continue teaching your parakeet more tricks.

When you start thinking about parakeet tricks always keep in mind what they are able to do as natural feats in the wild. By leveraging those talents it is easy to train your parakeet. You are simply asking them to mimic their natural behavior in a new environment. Climbing, tossing rings, making unique sounds, are all things which are based up talents their wild cousins do all the time. If you want to create more ideas for yourself, watch videos of parakeets in the wild and see what they are doing naturally, then let your imagination work from there.

Another of the early parakeet tricks people usually start working on is teaching their parakeets to mimic new sounds. This again comes back to persistence, practice, and rewards. Your parakeet will love to learn new things to give pleasure to their over grown slave. Sometimes training a parakeet is just as much about you learning to work with the habits of your parakeet, as the parakeet learning what you want. Enjoy the experience, always work with pleasure. If you feel frustrated or upset, do not even begin a training session. Your parakeet will not learn, because you will not be a good trainer.