Pet Food Container – Did You Really Think An Open Bag Was A Good Idea?

Do you understand all the reasons you should be using a pet food container? Most pet owners tear open the bag of dry cat food or dog food, and just start serving from it. Sometimes that bag stands open for more than two weeks as they continue to feed their pet from it. Ask yourself a simple question, how long would you eat from a bag of open bread or open bag of potato chips?

Your pet’s food is just as vulnerable to damage from the moisture in the air, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants as your food. Think how quickly bread goes dry if you leave the bag open. You probably are complaining that you roll down the corner of the dog food bag. Did you really seal it? Your pet food may be dry when you open the bag, but if you live in humid environment it is not going to remain dry in the bag. It may still look dry to you, but the bacteria know differently.

The best way to store dry pet food is in large plastic pet food container. These containers are designed to be sealed tightly helping to control the damage from outside elements. One element which loves on open pet food bag is one of your most disliked guests.

Mice are going to delight at finding an open bag. Once they smell the delicious aroma they will not worry about climbing to the opening, they will start making their own by chewing new openings in the bottom of the bag. You go to pickup the bag and the food will go pouring out. If you store the pet food in a container the mice are going to stay away. They cannot chew through the plastic, and the smell which was tempting them before is now removed.

It is not only mice which love your open pet food bags, so do the insects. Many kinds of insects find dog and cat food to be a great treasure. Sometimes these microscopic insects can go undetected by your eyes, and are ingested by your pets. Then you begin to wonder why your pet is ill. A well sealed pet food container will solve this issue, too.

It is not only for preserving the food you should choose to use a container. Many of the containers offer you an easy way to dispense the food. They offer an easy to use dispenser towards the bottom of the container. You put the bowl down, open the dispenser and allow the food to drop into the bowl. No more needing to pickup a 50 pound bag of dog food to pour out a bowl of food.

If you have both cats and dogs you may want to get a stacking pet food container on wheels. You can put the cat food in the upper smaller container and keep the dog food in the lower, bigger container. Then when you need to do the feeding you just wheel the container out to their bowls. Fill the bowls, and then wheel all the food back into storage out of the way. Instead of battling multiple bags of food you have one convenient pet food storage system. The food is safe from the air, pests, and ready for you to serve. Once you try using the containers you will never want to go back to leaving the food in bags again.