Pinnacle Dog Food – The Packaging Looks Great, The Food Is Even Better

One of the first things which will catch your attention about Pinnacle Dog Food is the packaging. They use amazingly beautiful portraits of dogs in natural scenery to adorn their packages. Many times we discover great packaging is just the hype to make us ignore what is inside, but Pinnacle has nothing to hide.

The second thing you will notice about Pinnacle Dog Food is the unusual flavors. You may start scratching your head wondering why your dog would like that combination. One of their flavors is Trout and Sweet Potato. It sounds like a great picnic lunch beside a cold mountain stream, but not something you expect in your dogs food bowl. Once you put the food in their bowl, you will discover the Pinnacle company has not lost their minds. They have done great research and found a combination dogs love. Your dog might even be begging for seconds.

If Trout and Sweet Potato was not strange enough, then you need to head out to the hunting grounds. Their next highly popular flavor is Duck and Potato. This one actually makes a little more sense. Imagine the delight of a hunting dog who has spent years assisting you on the hunt. They have swam out and retrieved ducks off the pond for you, but never been given a chance to enjoy the rewards. Today you can give them the proper reward, and treat them to their own meal of duck and potato.

It is not just the unusual flavors which make the Pinnacle Dog Food so good. It is the high quality, and the high nutrition. This food is optimized in nutrition for the canine body. It will give your dog a great looking coat, support their health, and give them boundless energy. The food is blended with the proper vitamins and probiotics to make sure your dog stays at peak health.

What about a little more common flavor for your dogs? Pinnacle offers a Chicken and Oat dried dog food variety. This is more in line with the offering of other manufacturers. The best way to keep your dog satisfied is to give them a little variety in flavor, while maintaining the same high quality and nutrition. By rotating the different flavors you can take care of keeping their diet well balanced and easy on their digestive system, while still giving them the variety in flavors.

If your dog is having trouble with food allergies, the Pinnacle Dog Food line offers these same great flavors in a Allergy-Free variety. The food is manufactured to keep the nutrition high, while eliminating the ingredients which have been shown to cause higher amounts of allergic reaction in sensitive dogs. Your dog can still have the great flavor, the best quality, and less allergy symptoms. The price is just slightly higher, but is a great value for your pet.

Choosing Pinnacle Dog Food is a great choice in value, flavor, and nutrition. Your dog may believe you have taken them to the best gourmet restaurant in town.