Raw Cat Food – Unleash The Energy In Your Cat With Raw Foods

Quick question, what kind of food does your cat love the most? If they had their choice do you think they would choose a can of Fancy Feast cat food, or a live bird? What about a choice between a bowl full of hard dry cat food and a mouse? Your cat is a predator and a carnivore. They crave meat, and they crave it raw. Raw cat food does not only satisfy their instinctive desires, but may be the healthiest choice you can offer them.

From a human perspective it is hard to imagine wanting to eat our meat raw. We may like our steak a little on the rare side, but most of use have no desire to eat our meat raw. From a cat’s perspective the opposite is almost certainly true. They cannot imagine why we would ever want to burn our meat. It tastes perfect in the natural raw state. From a cat’s viewpoint the flavor is just the beginning of the benefits.

Were you aware most cat foods must be fortified with taurine and other essential amino acids for your cat to stay healthy? If these essential nutritional elements were not added to their processed foods our cats would develop serious illnesses, which can lead to blindness, deafness, and other serious physical problems.

This is where raw cat food excels for a cat. The reason most foods must be fortified is two-fold. First, when the meat is cooked it destroys a large percentage of the amino acids. The second reason, most of these foods are packed with fillers, not real meat. Raw cat food on the other hand is rich in all the natural amino acids, and does not have fillers.

Do not start worrying you are going to need to start buying mice and birds for your cat. You can buy raw cat food which is packaged and ready for you to feed, just like other commercial foods. The shelf-life of these foods is reduced over traditional foods, so you will need to plan your purchases a little more carefully.

Some good examples of available raw foods would be from companies like Paw Naturaw or Nature’s Variety. Many of these foods come frozen, shipped to you frozen. You simply get the food out of the freezer long enough before feeding time to allow it to thaw and reach room temperature and then feed your cat.

How much difference can raw cat food make to your cat? Several studies have shown rapid improvements in health and energy in cats fed raw foods. Cats which were overweight came down to a normal weight for their breed. Their coats improved in softness and shine. Eyes became brighter. Many problems associated to food allergies suddenly cleared up. What you are seeing is what happens when your cat is fed what nature intended. You should give serious consideration to trying raw cat food for your pet.