Red Canary – Beauty in Flight and Song

The red canary has become one of the most popular breeds. With their bright red orange coloration, beauty in flight, and pleasant songs they are great for both shows and for your home.

The red canary is not a natural canary. This is a bird which has been specially bred to have this unique coloration. You will not find any red colored canaries in the wild.

The history of the red canary starts back in the 1920’s with a geneticist, Han Duncker, who only theorized you could create a red colored canary by interbreeding a canary with the Venezuelan Black Hooded Red Siskin, and type of finch. Shortly after his theory was published canary breeders decided to put the theory to the test. They were able to successfully breed the red factor into their breeding canaries, successfully starting a completely new breed.

This successful introduction of red into the canary family began a entire series of new genetic experiments which led to the formation of the Canary Colour Breeders Association. They endeavored to create new exciting colors of canaries, and to bring their new breeds onto the show tours.

It quickly became apparent breeders were often mixing ingredients into their bird feed to increase the level of coloration after molting, which led to changes in many rules in the show tours. The naturally bred coloration or the red canary has remained highly desirable, and is a favorite on the show tours.

One challenge to owning a red canary is if you intend to do any breeding. Since this is not a naturally occurring genetic make-up it takes special care and efforts to successfully breed red canaries. If you are just starting out breeding, you may wish to get started on an easier variety and then move into the red canaries after you are more experienced.

Red canaries are great fun to have in your home. They are a very lively bird who happily fly and hop around their cage. They have pretty voices, but are not specifically bred to have outstanding singing qualities.

The red canary will grow to approximately 5.5 inches long, making them an easily manageable size. Make sure to provide them plenty of room in their cage. As with most varieties of canaries, the cage should be rectangular and at least 16” deep.

If you have made the decision you wish to own a red canary you may need to do a little extra looking. Not every pet store will carry these specially bred birds. Most of them will have the ability to order the bird for you. You may wish to ask at the pet store, or check online, for local canary breeders. They will be able to get you in contact with a breeder who specializes in the red canary.

Having a red canary will give you a more interesting, unique bird in your home. A bird you which is easy to take care of, and very resistant to disease. It is worth your time to do a little searching to find a quality breeder and get one of these beautiful canaries.