Singing Canaries – Thrilling Sounds Can Be Filling Your Home

There in no sound quite like singing canaries. They have a large range of notes, learn new songs readily, and fill your home with beautiful music. Before you run to the pet store and buy just any canary, you need to make sure you are going to buy the right one.

Walking into a pet store and hearing all the singing canaries you are going to believe every one of them is adding to the noise. Make sure you watch the birds closely and visit with the store owner carefully before making your selection. If you want to hear beautiful singing in your home you must buy a male canary. The female is likely to only fill your home with chirps.

The challenge comes from the fact there are not visible clues to whether a bird is male or female. The biggest indicator is when a female lays eggs. The only other relatively safe clue is watching the birds and determining which ones are actually singing. If you know a bird is singing, it is probably a male, and a safe purchase.

Looking at all the canaries in a pet store can be a bit dizzying. There are many different varieties ranging from show birds like the Yorkshire to the simple common canary. If your desire is to have an easy to care for pet, who provides you with beautiful music stay away from the show birds and choose a common canary. They are more hardy, often sing more beautifully, and are less expensive.

One of the common problems canary owners run into is when their male stops singing. They become worried something is wrong with their bird. Most commonly this is an indication molting has started. You will begin noticing feathers falling away to be replaced by new feathers. During this time your male will quit singing.

Canaries will also quit singing when they are unhappy. Make sure you are always providing them with plenty of fresh bird seed, fresh water, and a cuttle bone. Along with those standard items, make sure to offer your canary fresh greens like lettuce and cucumber in another food dish.

Make sure you give you canary water bowl every day or two for bathing. They love to bathe, and if this is missed they will become irritated and possibly quit singing.

An added reason your canary may be unhappy is if you are keeping them in a smaller cage. A cage of approximately 16 inches square is ideal for one bird.

One other thing to help your bird feel happy and to start singing again is to have recordings of other canaries singing. They will hear the added sounds and join in with the others. Having two canaries in cages near each other can help, also.

Singing canaries are a joy to add to any home. They are very simple to care for, provide great beauty, and add wonderful music to your home. Your canary will provide you with many years of enjoyment and song.

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