Solid Gold Cat Food – The Food Your Feline Star Deserves

Is your cat the star of your home? They strut around, nose in the air, just waiting for you to notice their superiority. Your cat is a star and deserves to be fed Solid Gold cat food, not some inferior brand.

It is not just the name which makes Solid Gold the food for preferred pets. It is the care and ingredients poured into every creation of the company. One of their favorite foods for our finicky felines is the blended tuna canned cat food. This Solid Gold cat food is made with a selection of the best available tuna, a touch of water for precessing and some tapioca to give it a little more stickiness. Your cat is going to come running when they hear this can crack open, and smell the delicious tuna. They are going to assume they have just one an Emmy, and are being served their congratulations dinner.

Even if your star has a sensitive stomach Solid Gold cat food is exactly what they need and want. It is completely wheat, corn, and soy free. Some cats have allergies and other sensitivities to these grains which cause them discomfort with many varieties of cat food. Solid Gold always keeps their ears and eyes open watching and listening for the latest news and research on cat and dog nutrition. When there is solid proof of an ingredient causing problems, or giving great benefits, they adjust their recipes to enhance or protect your pet.

If you feed your cat a lot of dry cat food, you will be interested in how Solid Gold cat food is packaged. They use a foil inner liner to keep out harmful bacteria, moisture, and other contaminants. This added layer of protection is one of the reasons they are able to eliminate the preservatives, and flavor enhancers most pet food companies use. This makes the food safer, and more delicious for your cat. Instead of flavor enhancers providing the taste, it is the real goodness of the fresh food. As we all know, cat stars demand only the freshest food possible.

Solid Gold works on the holistic outlook for your pet. Instead of trying to see your cat as only an eating machine, it looks at your cat in a dynamically complete look. They create their pet foods to satisfy the taste buds of the pet, and to provide the proper nutrition. They look at all the ingredients with an outlook to the long term health of your pet, and not just a short term vision.

Solid Gold cat food is created using the best ingredients, best processes, and by people who love their pets just as much as we love our little feline stars. If you want to make sure your Award Winning Cat continues their daily performances for an extended showing, then Solid Gold cat food provides everything required, great nutrition and great taste your star is going to love.