Vegetarian Dog Food – Alternative Dog Foods For Your Sensitive Pet

There are two reason vegetarian dog food has been increasing in popularity. The first reason is the health benefits to dogs with certain health conditions. The second reason is owner who are living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and would like their pet to join them.

Before you jump up and go running out the door to the grocery store or to the superstore, realize they are not going to have the vegetarian dog food on their shelves. It is a very rare store which has this variety in stock.

Where you will need to look is in large pet supply centers, your veterinarians office, or do your shopping online. Were you surprised about the veterinarians office? Since some dogs become either allergic or sensitive to certain animal proteins vets have learned is important to have a healthy substitute. This allows them to remove the ingredients which may be causing the dog problems.

A vegetarian dog food will use natural plant protein to replace the animal protein. Your dog needs protein to satisfy his physical needs. The most common source for the plant protein comes from soybeans.

Your veterinarian may caution you to be careful when buying vegetarian foods. Many of them have high amounts of wheat gluten, which can cause problems with dogs sensitive to gluten. This does not eliminate the possibility of feeding your dog vegetarian meals. A few producers of vegetarian dog food have come out with wheat free products to make sure your pet does not experience any issues.

The first worry you may have with switching to vegetarian foods is whether your pet will even eat them. Were you aware many of the top dogs foods already use a high percentage of corn, wheat, and rice? Your dog devours these foods ravenously. Take out the small percentage of animal by-products and replacing them with high quality, flavored vegetarian selections could go completely unnoticed by your pet.

What you will probably notice, as a pet owner, is your dog will still have great energy with less dietary distress. You may notice their bowel movements become more regular with less frequent bouts with diarrhea or constipation.

Reading the ingredient list on a high quality vegetarian dog food like Natural Balance may leave you drooling and jealous of your dog. The ingredients include brown rice, potatoes, green peas, and oatmeal. All the needed protein comes from this mix of vegetables and grain. Natural Balance uses no dairy or other animal proteins to give your pet the nutrition they need.

If you are considering vegetarian dog food for your pet’s health then check with the vet first. If your dog is sensitive to their current food it could be caused by the grains and vegetables in their current food. Your vet will help you make the right choice. If you are choosing to have your pet join you in your vegetarian lifestyle go ahead and buy a high quality vegetarian food. Your pets will love the food.