Wellness Pet Food – Natural Holistic Pet Foods To Energize Your Pets

Does the name Wellness Pet Food tell the entire story of this company? The fact they chose to take on the name Wellness should give you a quick clue to the passion of the this company. They have only one mission in their business, to provide pets the highest quality, natural, holistic pet foods on the market. They know this is the proper way to enhance our pet’s wellness.

When shopping for high quality pet foods we run across a wide variety of brands. Many of the brands come from the big name pet food manufacturers, and are made in almost the identical method of all their standard foods. With Wellness Pet Food there is not other options. They produce one kind of quality, and only one kind of quality. They only produce the finest quality possible, with recipes designed by pet nutritionists and veterinarians who specialize in the health of our pets.

What Wellness has discovered is pets thrive at their highest levels when they are fed natural ingredients. Not just any natural ingredients, but high quality food. A pet food company can make a completely natural pet food which if filled with low quality droppings from the slaughter house. Their claims of creating natural foods would still be justified. Wellness chooses to produce all of their pet foods using high quality cuts. They know providing protein to our pets is not enough, it must be high quality protein if it is going to help them maintain a healthy, strong, energetic body.

The same theories are used in all of the other ingredients used in Wellness Pet Food. When they choose grain products to include in their recipes they only select high quality whole grains. Some pet food companies cut corners and buy lower quality grains. Wellness recognizes not all dogs and cats can consume grain due to allergies. They create a line-up of grain free, and allergen free products for our pets with more sensitive systems. Sometimes allergy free products have less flavor and our pets do not enjoy them. Wellness creates unique, flavorful blends like Rice and Salmon or Rice and Duck to give your pet an allergen free food which is still full of flavor. They will feel like they are back on a normal diet, and their eating habits and energy will show the difference.


From your pets standpoint there is another important part of the Wellness Pet Food. When you use only the highest quality fresh meats and grains you have a pet food which tastes great. Leaving out all of the preservatives which kill the flavor in some pet foods enhances the taste even more. Your pet will be enjoying their food again, and getting all the nutrition they really need. What you will quickly discover the Wellness difference shows up in your pet’s level of energy. If your pet has been lethargic due to low quality nutrition, they will return to their youthful energy levels. You will once again have an excited playful pet.