Wireless Pet Fence – Watch Your Pet Learn Their Boundaries With Ease

One of the challenges facing every pet owner is keeping their pet in their own yard. You may have a big fence in back, but what about out front? Using a wireless pet fence you can train your dog or cat to stay in the yard without ropes, chains, or destroying your yard with ugly fences.

A wireless pet fence is a two part solution. It requires putting a collar on your pet which reacts to the wireless fence. The second part is the wireless fence itself. Depending on the system you can get either a well defined rectangular fence, or a circular fence.

The systems which provide a circular fence are based upon a centralized transmitter which communicates constantly with the collar. Once the collar strays too far from the transmitter a shock will occur. The level of shock is usually adjustable to allow training dogs of different pain tolerances. Most dogs can be trained on the lower settings and will respond quickly to the mild irritation. Other dogs are more stubborn and determined and require a slightly stronger safe shock to convince them to learn.

The rectangular fences are going to use a perimeter of transmitters instead of a centralized transmitter. This allows them to create the rectangular fence line, and can more closely match the perimeter of your yard. This combination allow you to visualize the safe area and the defined boundaries. With multiple transmitters these systems are not very portable.

If you have both your home and a favorite vacation spot, you may want to go with the circular fence. Many of them allow for easy transportation since you only need to carry the one transmitter.

A word of caution, these are training devices and not true fences. Your dog learns over time to stay within the confines of the fence. With a true physical fence it is a real barrier, and requires no training. When you start using a wireless pet fence you need to stay with your animal, observe, and adjust until your pet is trained. It is not a put in place and walk away fence. This is one area where some pet owners become discouraged. They envisioned buying the fence and being done. It does not work that way.

Not all dogs take to a wireless fence easily. They are willing to tolerate the minor pain to escape the confines of the yard. You will not know until you have tested a fence with your own pet. The only real indicator you can use to judge is how easily you have been able to train your pet other commands. If they respond well to training, this will just be one more training device and they will take to it with ease. When reinforced with an understanding and guiding owner they will have new freedom in their own yard, which they will love.

Using a wireless pet fence is a great investment when you go into the project with your eyes wide open. Plan on working with your pet and you will both have great success in enjoying more freedom in the yard.