Yorkshire Canary – The Incredibly Beautiful Canary

A Yorkshire canary is one of the most prized birds to add to your home. It is one of the favorite birds in shows, and for display around the world. What makes the Yorkshire so special?

Breeding is the secret to this exciting bird. The Yorkshire canary is not a naturally occurring bird. This breed was developed over many years around the mid 1800’s. This canary was bred to take the best aspects of the Norwich, Lancashire, and Belgian canaries creating an exciting new breed. The name Yorkshire comes from the location of the first showing of this important breed, Yorkshire, England.

To meet the standards of a Yorkshire requires careful breeding and planning. If you want to raise show birds you will need to work diligently at culling off birds who do not meet the high standards. The feathers need to be soft and consistent. The color must meet the bright golden yellow coloring. If your stock includes birds with less than perfect feathers, you would need to remove them from breeding. The desired size of a Yorkshire canary is 6.75 inches long. Breeding birds are normally a bit larger, around 7.25 to 7.50 inches long. Show birds are not penalized or eliminated for being slightly over size, but need to stay near the standard.

Another trait which stands out about the Yorkshire is their stance. When standing this canary looks almost rigid. Their tail feathers should be pointing downwards toward 7 o’clock, while their head points at five minutes past the hour. This very upright, straight appearance is one of the more prized traits of the Yorkshire.

One feature you will notice quickly on any top of the line Yorkshire is their very thin waist. The bird has a powerful looking head and chest, but narrows to a very slender, tiny stomach.

The Yorkshire canary will require you to use a larger cage, and if you are providing a nest, a larger nest. At approximately 7 inches, they are the longest of all the canary breeds. Make sure you give them plenty of room to move around their cage.

As with any other canary, it is important you provide your bird with high quality food and plenty of fresh water. A Yorkshire can be a little more demanding on food quality and requirements. Being a slightly larger bird expect them to consume a little more food and water.

You can treat your Yorkshire in identical fashion to other varieties of canaries. The males can provide you with great singing to brighten your home. Their beautiful colors, feathers, and stance make a very enjoyable and prized display in your home.

While you many never have any intentions on breeding, or taking your bird to shows, having a bird which meets the standards set for a Yorkshire canary will give you the most beautiful bird you can imagine. If you are only going to add one or two canaries to your home, consider the Yorkshire, it stands apart as one of the most beautiful birds you will ever find.

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